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Automobile bottom guard

We all know what it is used for. It can protect the engine well and prevent the erosion of sediment, earth rock and rain on the engine. But there are many kinds of automobile bottom guard. Although their left and right sides are used to protect the engine, the effect will be different.

Today, let's learn about the advantages of automobile bottom guard?
What are the advantages of auto bottom guard
First of all, the strength of the automobile bottom guard is very high. It has the toughness that other automobile bottom guards do not have. It is not easy to fracture when it is extruded, and its impact resistance is very good.
Secondly, its weight is very light, it will not increase the weight of the car, so it can reduce a lot of burden on the car, especially the fuel consumption, and it will not increase the fuel consumption of the car.
At the same time, it has very good corrosion resistance, not easy to damage, long service life and other characteristics.