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6063 aluminum extrusion for window trim

6063 aluminum extrusion for window trim

The car window trim is made of small aluminum alloy profile, provided by Henan Chalco aluminum extrusion workshop, extrusion forming and surface treatment workshop production line of professional, car manufacturers can be directly on the line. The decorative strips are all made in China and extruded with 6063 alloy.

6063 aluminum extrusion

Trim is anything the manufacturer applies to the car to enhance its style and appearance. Decorative and functional strips around the vehicle are an integral part of vehicle design.

Common exterior trim items include radiator grills, window frames, light rings, door handles, emblems and antennas.The demands of the designers must be realized in the same way as the functional requirements, e.g. in case of window frames, the necessities of window guide, cover and/or water management. But there are also different trim products which fulfil additional functions, e.g. door sill tread plates, boot finishers, division bars for side windows and side trims for A-C post.In these cases, there may be specific requirements which have to be considered in the material selection apart of the visual appearance (e.g. strength, wear resistance, etc.).

6063-t6 aluminum extrusion

aluminium extrusion 6063

For decorative applications, metallic items were in the past usually nickel or chrome plated. Today, high quality trim components are generally made from aluminium sheets and extrusions (seldom forgings and castings).  
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