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6110 aluminum alloy

6110 aluminum alloy

The 6110 alloy belongs to Al-Si-Mg-Cu series alloy. Its components are 0.7~1.5 Si, 0.8 Fe, 0.20~0.7 Cu, 0.20~0.70 Mn, 0.50~1.1Mg, 0.04~0.25Cr, 0.20 Ni, 0.30, 0.15, and other impurities, 0.05 for each, 0.15 for others. The characteristics of this alloy is the content of Si is higher than 6060, 6061 and 6063 alloy, Fe, Zn and other impurities allows the content is quite large, therefore, not only the content of silicon in addition to the formation of Mg2Si there are a lot of excess silicon, also contains Cu and Mn, so it has higher strength, static load and dynamic load the ability of some large, cutting performance better, safety device and suspension system for forging parts in automobile industry. Forgings are used in T5 or T6 states.

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Specification of 6110 aluminum alloy forgings

Alloy: 6110
Available Temper: H112、O、F、T3、T4、T5、T6、T7、T8、T9、T651、T851、T451、T351
Maximum single unit weight: 800kg
Maximum  diameter with quenching:2000mm
Maximum  diameter without quenching: 2800mm
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