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6066 Aluminum alloy forgings

6066 Aluminum alloy forgings

The 6066 alloy is the American alloy in the late 1940s. It belongs to the Al-Mg-Si-Mn system alloy. Its components are 0.9~1.8 Si, 0.50Fe, 0.7~1.2 Cu, 0.6~1.1 Mn, 0.8~1.4Mg, 0.40 Cr, 0.25Zn, 0.20 Cr, and other impurities 0.05 0.05, a total of 0.15. Its high content of Si, in addition to the formation of Mg2Si strengthening phase, can also form the four element complex of AlSiCuMn phase and there is a considerable number of free Si, so there is a very good comprehensive mechanical properties, the mechanical properties of Forgings: minimum tensile strength and yield strength of Rm440N/mm - Rp 400N/ mm -., extension the rate of A 8%, Bush HBW. / hardness 115. Apply in T5 or T6 state. It has good machinability, and the ability to withstand static and dynamic loads is higher than that of other 6*** alloy forged aluminum alloys. The automobile industry uses 6066 alloys to forge safety systems and suspension parts.

6066 aluminum forging

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Specification of 6066 aluminum alloy forgings

Alloy: 6066
Available Temper: H112、O、F、T3、T4、T5、T6、T7、T8、T9、T651、T851、T451、T351
Maximum single unit weight: 800kg
Maximum  diameter with quenching:2000mm
Maximum  diameter without quenching: 2800mm
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