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aluminum forging for automotive

Aluminum Alloy forgings have good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, good surface appearance, suitable for cutting performance, and environment friendly, so the automotive industry has become the main users, followed by machinery and equipment sector, used in the manufacture of a variety of parts and tools.

aluminum forging automotive

Aluminium forgings are used to save weight of components which require
●high functional durability,
●high structural integrity,
●high fatigue resistance, and
●high toughness and ductility.
Aluminium forgings in automotive applications are, therefore, generally chosen for components which are essential for the safety of the vehicle:
●system components of front and rear axles: e.g. control arms, knuckles, wheels,
●components of the brake system: e.g. caliper, hydraulic system components.

The minimum mechanical properties and typical parts of forging aluminum alloy for common automobile parts

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