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2017A aluminum alloy forgings

2017A aluminum alloy forgings

2017A (EN AW 2017A EN alloy, AW AlCu4MgSi, AlCuMg1 F38) is a registered in 1972 the European aerospace Association (EAA) of the Al Cu Si - Mn - magnesium alloy, its composition (mass fraction): 0.20~0.80 Si, 0.7 Fe, 3.5~4.5 Cu, 0.40~1.0 Mg, 0.10 Cr, 0.25 Zn 0.25, (Zr+Ti) and other impurities each 0.05, a total of 0.15, the rest is Al. It has the ability to withstand high dynamic load, can be used in various aging conditions, the yield strength of Rp alloy and 6082., and has higher tensile strength and elongation, poor welding performance, if there is a possibility of the application of environmental corrosion, should be surface anti-corrosion treatment, used in the manufacture of high load automobile forging, especially high fatigue strength of parts.

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Specification of 2017A aluminum alloy forgings

Alloy: 2017A
Available Temper: H112、O、F、T3、T4、T5、T6、T7、T8、T9、T651、T851、T451、T351
Maximum single unit weight: 800kg
Maximum  diameter with quenching:2000mm
Maximum  diameter without quenching: 2800mm
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