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Aluminium Brazing sheet strip foil

Aluminium Brazing sheet strip foil

The automotive heat exchanger includes radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, condenser and evaporator. The Aluminum Brazing sheet strip foil is the core materials for their production. Aluminum Brazing sheet strip foil is developed with the development of vacuum brazing technology, can brazing in nitrogen atmosphere in the furnace, the technology is characterized in that the requirements of the radiating fin surface of the composite layer brazing alloy, the melting point of the matrix Aluminum Alloy its low 50 ℃, so thermal insulation heat exchanger is arranged on the assembly time good about 600 ℃ after the furnace, the fin base alloy melts as Al-Si alloy solder coating melt left after cooling will put them firmly into one brazing.

Aluminium Brazing sheet

Composition of Aluminum Brazing sheet strip foil material is composed of matrix Aluminum Alloy one side or both sides of composite brazing alloy has low melting point alloy Al-Si or Al-Si-Zn, the thickness of the coating is usually about 10% of the total thickness of composite materials, (core layer) of the matrix alloy melting point of 630 to 660 ℃, coating the melting point of 577 ~ 610 ℃.

Aluminum Brazing sheet

Composite structure:

The composite heat exchange material Aluminum Brazing sheet strip foil can be double layer (base + single layer cortex), three layers (core layer + double layer cortex), four layers (core layer + two layers cortex + one water contact layer), five layers (core layer + upper and lower two layers of cortex).

Aluminium Brazing foil

Automotive cooling composite material is a high-tech product: the thickness of the composite layer should be uniform, the surface without composite layer off, the matrix alloy after brazing, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, good solderability and so on.

The automotive heat exchange materials include composite materials for radiator of water tanks and composite materials used for air conditioning radiators. The tube type radiator is using  2.8KG aluminum compound foil for each vehicle, and the air conditioner uses three layers of composite aluminum alloy foil 4KG/ each.

Aluminum Brazing foil

Three layers of composite aluminum alloy strip and foil for radiator of car radiator

component Specification/mm consumption/kg.unit¯¹
Wave strip 3 layers aluminum clading strip foil 0.1×34×L 0.9
Cooling tube strip 3 layers aluminum clading strip foil 0.35×65×L 1.4
Main board 2 layers aluminum clading strip 1.52×78×L 0.22
Side board 2 layers aluminum clading strip 2×40×L 0.23
Aluminum strip 300 strip 1.52×L 0.02
Total   2.77

Three layers aluminum alloy clading strip and foil for automobile air conditioner

Wave strip concondenser
3 layers aluminum clading strip foil (0.1~0.20)×19、22、32、44×L 2.5
Wave strip evaporator 3 layers aluminum clading strip foil (0.1~0.20)×84、98×L 1.5
Total     4

Main materials of various aluminum heat exchangers and intercooler

Structure Heat sink Cooling water pipe
Pipe belt structure vacuum brazing 1100、3003、3005、6063、5005、6951 1100、3003 Double side composite through high frequency welding made flat tube 4045/3003/7072、4045/3005/7072 Double side composite through high frequency welding made flat tube  4A17/3003/7A01、4A17/3005/7A01
controlled atmosphere-brazing 3003、3003+Zn、3203+Zn、7072 3003、3A21、3003+Zn、3A21+Zn、7A01 Double side composite through high frequency welding made flat tube 4043+Zn/3003/7072
Double side composite through high frequency welding made flat tube 4A13+Zn/3003/7A01
Pipe belt structure 1050、1100、1145、3003、7072、8006、8007 1050、1100、3A21、3003、7A01 Extruded or high frequency welded pipe 1050、1100、3003 Extruded round tube 1100、1050A、3003、3A21、1050
Corrugated welding 1100、3003 1100、3003、3A21 Extruded or high frequency welded pipe  1050、3003 extruded flat tube or porous flat tube 1050、3003、3A21
Plate wing welding 1100、3003 1100、3003、3A21 Stamping fin plate 3003 Stamping fin plate 3003、3A21

Tube belt condenser and evaporator composite aluminum

Temper Core braze material Aluminum Thickness/mm
VB type
H14 AA3003 2×AA4004(10%) fin 0.15
H24 AA3003 2×AA4104(10%) fin 0.152
NB type
H14 AA3003+1.5%Zn 2×AA4343(10%) fin 0.14,0.16
H14 AA3003+1.5%Zn 2×AA4045(10%) fin 0.14,0.16
H14 AA3003+1.0%Zn 2×AA4343+1.0%Zn(10%) fin 0.16

Automobile radiator (Radiator) heat radiating aluminum material

Temper Core Braze material Water side Final product Thickness/mm
VB 式
H18 AA6063 ----- ----- Fin 0.10,0.105
H24 AA3005 AA4104(10%) AA3005(10%) Tube 0.32、0.35
O AA6063 AA4104(5%) --- Side board 1.2,1.4
O AA6063 AA105(5%)+AA4104(2.5%) --- Main board 1.2,1.4
H14 FA6815 ---- -----   fin 0.08,0.10
H14 AA3003+1.5%Zn ---- ----- fin 0.10、0.115
H14 AA3005 AA4343(10%) AA3005
tube 0.35
H14 AA3003 AA4343(8%) AA7072
tube 0.32
H14 AA3003 AA4045(9%) AA7072
tube 0.30、0.35
H14 AA3003 AA4045(7.5%)   tube 0.36
H14 AA3003 AA4343(8%) AA5005
Main board 1.2,1.5
H14 AA3003 mod AA4343(10%) AA7072
Main board 1.2,1.5
O AA3003 AA4343(10%) ---- Side board 1.2
O AA3003 AA4343(7.5%) ----  Side board 1.52

Aluminum brazing materails of Laminated evaporator

Temper Core Braze Material) Aluminum Thickness (mm)
VB type
H14 FA7806 ---- Fin 0.10
O FA7825 2×AA4104(15%) Tube 0.40、0.47、0.50
O FA7825 2×AA4047+1.5Mg(15%)     Tube 0.48
NB type
H26 AA3003+1.5%Zn --- Fin 0.10
H26 AA3003+1.0%Zn --- Fin 0.10
0 AA3003 2×AA4045(10%) tube 0.40、0.47、0.50
O AA3003 AA4045(5%) Side board 1.0

Aluminum brazing materials of parrallel flow condenser

Temper Core Braze Material Aluminum Thickness(mm)
VB Type
H14 AA3003+1.5%Zn 2×AA4343(10%) Fin 0.127
H14 AA3003+1.0%Zn 2×AA4045(10%)+1.0%Zn Fin 0.115

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