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Aluminum plate sheet for automotive

Why select aluminum product for Automotive?

Aluminum alloy and automotive lightweight

Lightweight is the inevitable trend of the development of modern automobile and an important topic, in turn, the light weight has an important role in the development of automobile technology.

1. The basic requirement and effect of light weight

Under the premise of ensuring the quality and performance of the car, minimize the quality of parts and components, to achieve the purpose of energy saving; To meet the energy saving and emission reduction requirements, at the same time, strive for high output power, its corresponding high, low noise, low vibration, good maneuverability, high reliability and comfort; prices should decline or remain at a reasonable level, with strong business competitiveness..

The effect of lightweight :

Automobile lightweight makes the vehicle rolling resistance, acceleration resistance, climbing resistance reduced, they will reduce the oil consumption, at the same time if the power performance unchanged, through the gear drive right can also reduce the oil consumption per car, lightweight 1% can reduce the fuel consumption of 0.6% ---1%; the automotive lightweight is conducive to improve the car driving, steering, accelerating and braking movement performance and discharge performance, but also can reduce noise and vibration, create the conditions for the realization of high power; the other is the effect of spread effect, the quality of the various parts of the car are related to each other, such as the quality of the engine to reduce relevant chassis parts can be correspondingly reduced, i.e. to reduce the quality of the whole will be greater than the quality of the engine to reduce the weight and body parts to support its running system load size and quality can be properly decreased; At the same time, the engine and brake can also be reduced and reduced. Usually, when the quality of a part in the balance system is reduced by 1kg, the quality of the whole system is reduced by Kkg, K is the growth factor, and the K value is different from location to 1.5--2.0

Performance advantages of aluminum

Aluminum is the second largest metal material used by mankind nowadays. The amount of transportation in the field of transportation has accounted for more than 28% of its total consumption, and most of it is used for making cars. In the automobile manufacturing industry, aluminum is widely used in recent 30 years. From 1970s onwards, the most significant change of car technology is one of the opening a large number of lightweight materials, appeared more and more aluminum parts, mainly reflected in the body, engine, air conditioning, bumpers, wheels, trim and seat etc..

The weight reduction effect of the parts of the aluminum engine is most obvious, which can usually be reduced by more than 30%. Since 1999, the amount of aluminum in the car has doubled, and the use of cars and light trucks has increased by more than 3 times. Using aluminum instead of steel and cast iron and copper, can make the car's weight decreased by more than 20%, saving fuel 12%--16%; aluminum parts of the car can be almost completely recovered, re-processing once, save resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the construction of circular economy, low carbon society and very useful life; physical properties and some car Aluminum Alloy with steel, with considerable strength and stiffness, and the manufacturing cost is declining. Therefore, in accordance with the implementation of automotive lightweight current technology, the most effective way is to use aluminum instead of steel, of course, can also be used as part of a magnesium alloy, but the performance is not as good as the aluminum, magnesium alloy forming, corrosion resistance and fire resistance are also far from aluminum, magnesium material prices higher than aluminum, it will not threaten the status of aluminum.

At present, the all aluminum body is limited to high-end cars and racing cars, but with the improvement of time and technology, the continuous decline of manufacturing costs and the increasingly strong voice of energy saving and emission reduction, more models of car body and parts will be made of aluminum.

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