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Application of aluminum forgings in automobile

With the development of automobile industry and the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for automobile increases year by year. Automobile parts play an important role in promoting the development of automobile industry. Starting from the development of automobile parts in China, this paper analyzes the problems existing in automobile parts forging, and puts forward opinions and suggestions to accelerate the development of automobile parts forging automation, Jointly promote the healthy development of China's automobile industry.

1,Development of auto parts industry

In 2017, China's auto sales reached 28.88 million units, and the auto parts industry supporting auto industry services has gradually developed. The industrial and technical level of auto parts production has also been significantly improved, which has brought huge competitive pressure to other domestic auto parts manufacturers. Domestic auto parts manufacturers continue to strengthen technological innovation, Only by developing products with core competitiveness can we occupy more international and domestic markets.

2. Main problems of aut.mobile parts forging

The problems of auto parts forging include small scale, weak strength and lack of talents. According to statistics, although the output of auto parts forging in China has been in the forefront of the world for many years, there are still deficiencies in terms of the scale of forging enterprises and technical talents. The poor environment, high labor intensity and low treatment of personnel in the auto parts forging industry have led to the loss of some engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers.

3. Accelerate the healthy development of auto parts forging

If forging enterprises want to achieve planning guidance and clarify the development direction of auto parts forging industry, they cannot do without the market environment and their own needs. Whether it is quantity or quality problems, they should start from the source, realize the comprehensive forging automation reform of the forging industry step by step, formulate the industrial development speed, and clarify the direction and focus of industrial development in the future, Divide the steps in a planned way to promote the automation development of auto parts forging industry.
China's forging auto parts should strengthen the reform of forging automation, make full use of advanced technology at home and abroad, realize the self-sufficiency of quantity and precision and talents, and develop auto parts with international market competitiveness, which is conducive to the development of auto industry.
The forging process of automobile parts mainly depends on whether the parts need forging process. In fact, most of the parts used in mass production vehicles are rarely forged, because the strength requirements of ordinary mass production vehicles are not high, and the casting process can meet the requirements. There is also the cost reason. The cost of forged parts is much higher than that of cast parts, so they are rarely used in mass production vehicles, Now let's talk about which parts use the forging process. The following supporting arms, pull rods, brake calipers, aluminum alloy wheels and other parts on the chassis can use the forging process, but these parts are more expensive and difficult for ordinary people to touch. I hope I can help you.