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Aluminum alloy parts for automobile body

(1) Selection of aluminum alloy component materials. The material application of the body aluminum alloy parts is mainly the 5-series and 6-series aluminum alloys. 5 series aluminum alloy can form aluminum alloy parts with complex structure due to its excellent stamping forming performance. However, due to the surface problems such as oblique lines and ripples that are difficult to eliminate on the surface of aluminum alloy parts during stamping and after baking, it cannot be applied to aluminum alloy parts of outer plate type. 6 series aluminum alloy can be strengthened by heat treatment, and the strength and dent resistance of aluminum alloy parts can be significantly improved after baking in the coating workshop. It is widely used in the production of external surface stamping parts.

(2) The design of aluminum alloy parts shall combine the function, performance and manufacturing feasibility. Aluminum alloy parts shall be symmetrical and regular as much as possible; The reinforcing ribs shall be arranged as much as possible for the long and flat aluminum alloy parts to improve the rigidity of the aluminum alloy parts; The fillet radius and draft angle shall be appropriately increased; Avoid the local structure being too complex.
(3) During the stamping process design, it shall be ensured that one-time drawing is in place as much as possible to avoid secondary drawing and shaping.
(4) Springback Control of stamping parts. Increase the rigidity of aluminum alloy parts, optimize the stamping process design, fully simulate the stamping CAE, predict and compensate the springback, and extend the die commissioning cycle.
(5) The die structure design is optimized to avoid common stamping defects such as cracking, wrinkling, insufficient deformation, double material, indentation, chip and waste discharge.
(6) 6 series aluminum alloy natural aging ensures that the sheet can be used within 3 months after entering the factory, otherwise the stamping formability and surface quality of aluminum alloy parts will be affected.
(7) When steel aluminum stamping parts are produced on the same line, the stamping production line is required to have the functions of air knife splitting, automatic waste sorting and recycling.
(8) The repair workshop shall be well ventilated and dusted to prevent potential explosion of aluminum powder.
The aluminum alloy vacuum die-casting aluminum alloy parts are used as the key connecting parts of the body, the extruded profiles are used as the main frame of the body, and the sheet metal stamping parts are used as the structural parts of the body. In combination with the structural topology optimization technology, the thin-walled, hollow and integrated design of the aluminum alloy parts of the body is realized. On the premise that the strength, rigidity, mode, fatigue and safety performance of the body meet the design and use, the lightweight of the body is realized to the maximum extent.
The application of aluminum alloy in the body also brings challenges to the manufacturing process and cost. Only by comprehensively balancing the weight of the body, the cost of aluminum alloy parts, the manufacturing risk, the development cycle and other factors, increasing the investment in the research and development and application of new technologies, and constantly innovating, can we achieve a comprehensive breakthrough in the front edge technology of body lightweight.